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Personal Injury

We handle wrongful death, brain/head injuries, fractures, burns, amputations, lost vision, neck, back, and joint injuries. If you need a doctor we can help you find one with no money out of your pocket until your case is resolved.

Legal Malpractice

If you have issues with a past or current lawyer, you should call us to discuss the matter right away. When a lawyer ignores the client, is fast and loose with money, and gives bad advice that causes the client harm, we can step in to help.

Insurance Bad Faith

Do not get bullied by your insurance companies anymore. We sue insurance companies that deny your claims.

Raymond Ryan, Attorney

Raymond Ryan, Attorney

About Raymond Ryan

Mr. Ryan is the principal and owner of Pacific Trial Lawyers. He received an academic scholarship from UCLA before attending Thomas Jefferson School of Law where he completed a 3 year law degree in 2.5 years. He has practiced law since 2006 in California, Federal and State Courts. He started trying cases in 2008 and has conducted 30 jury trials, 5 bench trials and many binding arbitrations. Mr. Ryan has won an award for Outstanding Trial Attorney, and has been recognized by his peers as a Top Young Lawyer in San Diego (At age 37). Many of the trials he won were against named partners of law firms hired by insurance companies with virtually unlimited litigation resources. Mr. Ryan prides himself on winning tough cases that the insurance companies expect to win.

Not all of the cases Mr. Ryan handles go to trial as many settle. Mr. Ryan has recovered tens of millions of dollars against insurance carriers that chose to pay hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising instead of paying injured victims. The insurance companies will do whatever it takes to avoid paying you. You can't afford to select a second rate lawyer.

Your odds of obtaining fair justice and reasonable compensation will significantly improve if you have an experienced trial lawyer handling your claim, so please contact today at 619-922-1336.

San Diego County Bar Association, Member 2013-present
2012 Top Young Attorneys Finalist with 6-7 Years of Practice, The Daily Transcript
Outstanding Trial Attorney Award, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego

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Complete Confidence

Ray took on my traffic accident case against the City based on my word and explanation of the accident. Ray was truthful and honest about my case and my chances to win. Going up against the City is a big deal. This honesty was what gave me even more determination to pursue my case. It was a long stressful 20 months since the accident and we went to trial. Ray Ryan is the most competent attorney I have seen in practice. Ray Ryan does his research, knows the law and is well prepared. The jury came back in our favor. Thanks to Ray Ryan. Don't even think just pick up the phone and call.

- Michelle

Great Trial Attorney

I was in a head on collision caused entirely by the other driver, who was on his cell phone! I needed help getting out of my car, the whole time this jerk was on his phone, he never once came over to see if I was ok! He lied about the incident and I had to go to jury trial to get fair compensation. Ray[...] really went to bat for me and did spectacular work in the jury trial! I felt really comfortable with them on my case and would recommend them to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney!

- H


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